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Save St Albans Pubs is a not for profit community group fighting an extraordinary hike in business rates that has and will continue to cause pub closures and the loss of jobs and tourism in our city and all over Britain. We are campaigning for the government to implement urgent business rate reform.

St Albans Pubs and the Local Economy - Pubs are important and more than just for refreshments, a drink, a lunch or a night out. In St Albans, they generate over £40 million pounds per year for our local economy. They employ over 1600 local citizens, pay over £20 million in wages and are fundamental in local food chains by supporting local farms and businesses. Our pubs play an important role in creating cohesion and combating loneliness within our community.

St Albans pubs fundraise hundreds of thousand of pounds annually for local and national charities, community groups and individuals in need. Charities supported include The Ollie Foundation, Rennie Grove Hospice Care, Youth Talk, Hospice of St Francis, Earthworks and many more. They also provide in-kind donations and time and you will find St Albans pub landlords and staff walking, running, or slogging it out in the mud to raise money for charity.

In 2017, central government dramatically increased rateable values for too many pubs. The rateable values for pubs are derived from a number of factors including turnover or what is called ‘fair maintainable trade’.

Save St Albans pubs believes that this formula is flawed and is essentially a turnover tax sufficient to turn a modest profit into a whopping loss. The formula penalises pubs located in high value property areas such that they have no choice but to put prices up, or shut down.

We are in the process of fundraising to enable us to begin the next step our our campaign, #thechancellorschase

We will blanket mainstream and social media with a message to the Chancellor. Come to St Albans, have a pint (we need to sell 200,000 to cover the St Albans pubs tax hike) and see first hand the damage business rates are doing to our local businesses.

We need the help of our community to get the Chancellor to town.

For information on how to support our campaign financially, please go to our supporters page to reserve your name on our supporters' pint wall (as you make your donation, please let us know if you want your name up or wish to be anonymous).

You will also find a template letter to send to your MP and the Chancellor on our Supporters page drop-down menu.

One of the best ways of helping us is to go out and have a beverage at one of your favourite local Pubs. Don't forget to tag us on any social media for our gallery page! #saveourpubs