Save St Albans Pubs

The Goat

The Goat Inn public house is an award winning historic pub that is situated in the old centre of St Albans, within minutes walk of the town centre, the cathedral, and the old roman fortifications.

The pub offers a large and varying selection of real ales, as well as lagers, ciders, and an impressive array of wines and spirits. Eating is a pleasure, as we have lunchtime and evening menus that will satisfy your needs.

This picturesque and cultured pub has been offering real ale, food, and accommodation for some centuries now. It was built at the end of the 15th century and is thus steeped in history. What was clearly once a fine house had become an pub by 1587. It is even rumoured that this historic site was once the oldest brothel in St. Albans!

At the height of the coaching age in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, The Goat Inn was well known for having the largest amount of stabling in St. Albans, as well as the finest ale. In 1756 The Goat could accommodate seventy-two horses and yet it could only sleep ten people.

The Goat was on the old coaching route from London, with coaches entering Sopwell Lane from Old London Road, then travelling up Holywell Hill and into the High Street. In 1921, by which time the horse was redundant, The Goat slept 54 people as a common lodging house. The character of the building has been retained through the ages and even the old carriage arch can still be seen today.