Save St Albans Pubs

Local Pub Crawls

Hospitality is the lifeblood of St Albans and our pubs play an important role in creating cohesion, supporting charities and combating loneliness in our community.

Save St Albans Pubs is a not for profit group fighting an extraordinary hike in business rates that has and will continue to cause pub closures and the loss of jobs and tourism in our city and all over Britain.

St Albans has lost 15% of our pubs since 2016 and we are campaigning for the government to implement urgent business rate reform to stop more closures.

Take one of our Pub Crawls maps available at each pub, scan the QR code at each pub and be in the draw to win an amazing dinner at one of St Albans incredible pubs. Don’t forget to tag us on social media and tag your local MP and the PM too. 

Download the Map below the lists of Pubs.
(Set print to fit on your printer, as the actual size map is large)


1) King Harry
2 King Harry Lane, AL3 4BL
2) Ye Olde Fighting Cocks
16 Abbey Mill Lane, AL3 4HE
3) Six Bells
16-18 St Michael’s Street, AL3 4SH
4) Rose & Crown
10 St Michaels St, St Michaels, AL3 4SG
5) Lower Red Lion,
34-36 Fishpool Street, AL3 4RX
6) Farriers Arms
32-34 Lower Dagnall Street, AL3 4PT
7) Portland Arms
63 Portland Street, AL3 4RA
8) Naughts & Crosses
26 Verulam Road, AL3 4DE
9) The White Swan
1 Upper Dagnall Street, AL3 5EA


10) Sucker Punch
26A George Street, AL3 4ES 
11) Dylans Kings Arms
7 George Street, AL3 4ER9 
12) The Boot Inn
4 Market Place, AL3 5DG 
13) THE Snug
1 French Row, AL3 5DU
14) The Peahen
14 London Road, AL1 1NG
15) Slug & Lettuce
13 – 15 Victoria Street, AL1 3JE 
16) Waterend Barn
Civic Close, St Peters Street, AL1 3LE
17) The Beech House
81 St Peters Street, AL1 3EG
18) The Craft & Cleaver
62 Catherine Street, AL3 5BU


19) The White Hart Hotel
23-25 Holywell Hill, AL1 1EZ
20) The Goat Inn
37 Sopwell Lane, AL1 1RN
21) The Garibaldi
61 Albert Street, AL1 1RT
22) The White Lion
91 Sopwell Lane, AL1 1RN
23) Hare & Hounds
104 Sopwell Lane, AL1 1RL
24) The White Hart Tap
4 Keyfield Terrace, AL1 1QJ3
25) The Beehive
2 Keyfield Terrace, AL1 1QL
26) The Farmers Boy,
134 London Road, AL1 1PQ


27) Jolly Sailor
3 Stonecross, AL1 4AA
28) Blacksmiths Arms
56 St Peters Street, AL1 3HG 
29) The Cock
48 St Peters Street, AL1 3NF
30) The Peacock
13 Hatfield Road, AL1 3RR
31) The Mermaid
98 Hatfield Road, AL1 3RL 
32) The Victoria
82 Victoria Street, AL1 3TU
33) The Robin Hood
126 Victoria Street, AL1 3TG
34) The Horn
Victoria Street, AL1 3TE
35) The Great Northern
172 London Road, AL1 1PQ


36) THE Queens Head
7 Church End, Sandridge, AL4 9DL 
31 High Street, Sandridge, AL4 9DD 
38) THE Rose & Crown
Sandridge, 24 High Street, Sandridge, AL4 9DA 
39) Blackberry Jack
1 St Brelades Place, Sandringham Crescent, AL4 9RG
40) The Crown
144-146 Hatfield Road, AL1 4JA 
41) THE Rats Castle
246 Hatfield Road, AL1 4UN
42) The Speckled Hen
395 Hatfield Road, AL4 0XG
43) Dylans at The Plough
Sleapshyde Lane, Sleapshyde, AL4 0SE 
44) The Plough
32 Tyttenhanger Green, Tyttenhanger, AL4 0RW
45) The Three Hammers
210 Watford Road, Chiswell Green, AL2 3EA 
46) Holly Bush
Bedmond Lane, Potters Crouch, AL2 3NN
47) Prae Wood Arms
Garden House Lane, AL3 6JZ
48) Ancient Briton
46 Harpenden Road, AL3 5AH
49) King William IV
185 Sandridge Road, AL1 4AH